Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I sign up with you?

We're allowing you to sign up for free on our website and allowing you to submit your referral links on our website. We do our best to ensure that you have a great stay with us and earn many rewards along the way! No fees, no hidden charges, we're just a home for your referrals!

Q. How can I register?

Easy! You can register yourself with an email address and we'll send you a confirmation link to move forward with us!

Q. How can I earn rewards with you?

We will allow you to become a referrer on our website and submit links for referral deals on our website. A referee looking for a referral deal on our website will also benefit from rewards.

Q. Would it be possible to suggest a referral deal?

We're always open for suggestions and we'd love to add more referral deals!

Q. Why didn't I receive my reward after completing the referral deal?

Firstly, we recommend chasing this up with the company that provided you with the referral link. We will unfortunately be unable to chase this up for you but we will be able to provide you with advice on how to deal with this! Feedback would also be greatly appreciated, as we will try to create a stress-free zone for your referrals.

Q. What is a 'Referrer?'

A Referrer submits their referral links to the websites that they use and love, they share their links to other people and promote refer-a-friend programs. 

Q. What is a 'Referee?'

A Referee uses referral links provided by the Referrer's, they are looking for the best websites to join in their favourite categories.

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